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I enjoy programming and you can find some of my projects on github. My editor of choice is emacs and besides the bits and pieces of configuration that I have collected over time, I have also created my own extensions. dictcc.el lets you look up translations on while editing and the xresources theme is an easy way to keep your system's color scheme consistent by reusing the colors from your ~/.Xresources file.

Others are remnants of my time in web development and APIs like a generator for RFC6902 patches that uses smart diffing to minimize the patch size or a DSL for API responses in JSON.

In 2017 I used the t-SNE algorithm to visualize the positions of 29 parties on different issues regarding the Landtagswahl 2017 in NRW. The results showed that this method could place the parties on a kind of axis-less, two-dimensional political spectrum and by placing myself in there as well, I was able to determine which party aligned the best with my personal interests.

The rest is android stuff, a chrome extension, a command line tool for interface translation, a web app that evaluates participation stats on a spotify playlist, a theme for the LightDM login manager and lots of university projects.